Dear Agnostics

Dear Agnostic People Across The World,

You are awesome people. You are kind and loving people. You also think critically (most of the time). I will give you credit, you actually admit you don’t know.

But I digress, you do not hold a valid theological position. You answer the epistemological question which is “Do we know?” (or “Can we know?”). You can not use “I don’t know” as a theological answer. I’m not good at articulating my thoughts (yet strangely I have a blog) so, I will leave you all to look at this image:


Sincerely, Jack


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6 responses to “Dear Agnostics”

  1. The Spiritual Pilgrim says :

    I am quite confused on the subject of if there is or is not a God, so I’m guessing I am one of the agnostics you are talking about – though I don’t like really labeling myself at all.. I see your point in “I don’t know” not being a valid answer to the theological question but it is the only honest answer I can give you without guessing. If I asked you “What is my middle name?” the only honest answer you can give is “I don’t know” though it is not the truth. As agnostics we simply do not try to answer the question in which you are referring to because if I gave you a definite answer it would involve some type of guess work or “faith” on my part.. and I’m through lying to myself just to have a false sense of security. Hope that helps you understand the standpoint of agnostics better.

    • jackkazim says :

      Here’s why “I don’t know” isn’t a sound answer to the theological question of belief. You are being asked a question of belief. Saying “I don’t know” isn’t a belief. When asked a question of “Do you believe X?” you have to answer yes or no. I don’t believe in God, much like I don’t believe my cat has a nuke.

      • The Spiritual Pilgrim says :

        I completely understand your point but again people do not have to answer the question if they do not think they have enough information to define their “belief” or take a stance. Of course there would come a lot of debate on whether there is enough information which I would rather not get into. But nonetheless any person may always choose to simply remain neutral on the issue. To say “I do not believe or disbelieve.”Let me give you a different example: If someone asked me if I believe in alien life I would answer “I don’t know.” I do not have enough information to believe in them or not believe in them and so I choose not to take a stance on the matter – now I understand to one who has made their mind and is so sure on the issue that the stance of “not answering” may appear foolish.. But hey you can’t please everyone so I just live as true to myself as I can these days.

      • jackkazim says :

        If you do not have enough information for a belief or disbelief, then it’s the basic category of lack of belief. You don’t hold positive belief in any sort of proposed god.

      • The Spiritual Pilgrim says :

        You are externalizing “belief” as if it is something factual when really “belief” is just a state of mind. Belief is a word made up by men (a convention) to describe a form of thought. You go wrong in your arguement by trusting words too much. You “believe” in belief and have contradicted your own standpoint.

  2. The Spiritual Pilgrim says :

    Oh and I don’t hold positive belief or negative belief. I choose to be neutral. Life does not always work into a scientific formula.

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