The title of this blog is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a 9th grade high-school student. Also this blog is a reboot of a blogspot blog. I wanted more options, which WordPress provides.

I became a libertarian because, I saw that government doesn’t work. I used to be a Republican. But I was a socially liberal Republican. In the 2012 GOP primaries I was originally for Mitt Romney but, I saw that Mitt and almost no other candidate shared the same socially liberal views I had. Then in the primaries I saw Ron Paul speak and I thought he was a genius. He did something most candidates couldn’t do: know what he was talking about. I did more research and here I am today: a libertarian. Unlike most libertarians I bash both the right and the left equally. Most libertarians bash liberals more. I find that to be unfair, both sides are filled with big government idiots. When it comes to principle vs pragmatism (on being libertarian) I’m about 50/50. I believe in the principle of freedom and in the practicality of keeping the government small.

I became an atheist because; I saw that there was no evidence for god(s), that religion is dangerous and through other various experiences. I used to be a pro-Gay Christian, who accepted Science (I still am pro-Gay and I still accept Science). I took the teachings of Jesus of loving your fellow man seriously. I was browsing YouTube one day and came across a homophobic idiot. They justified their homophobia with quotes from the Bible. Once I actually learned what that book taught, I could never call myself a Christian. I also left the Christian religion because, I accepted Science. Most people in my faith thought of science as some sort of liberal conspiracy. I couldn’t call myself a Christian anymore because, I didn’t want to be tied with something that was tied to bigotry and scientific illiteracy. I also saw that there was no evidence and after watching Piers Morgan interview Penn Jillette on the topic of atheism, it was final: I was an atheist. Penn’s words about the humility of saying “I don’t know” really “converted” me to atheism.
But my parents are Christian and sent me to Christian school. I now go to boarding school in Pennsylvania. My 8th grade math teacher is what made me a much more outspoken, anti-theist. She was a fundamentalist and was quite comfortable using her religion to justify pushing her “moral” agenda, on the rest of the population. She thought gays couldn’t marry because, the bible said so. She denied evolution and pretty much most science. I further convinced religion did harm and that it was stupid. It’s no wonder why atheists think of religion as childish, religion acts childish.
My experiences mostly define who I am today. I want to have more experiences so I can further shape who I am.


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