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How To Treat Gingivitis

Hello everyone! Long time no blog! I’ve been damn busy lately. Anyway, today I will be making a post on how t \o treat gingivitis. Seriously, you don’t want this to progress to a point where you lose your goddamn teeth.

Step 1: Brush your teeth.

This seems straightforward enough but, you need to change to a soft bristle toothbrush, switch to Tartar control toothpaste and be gentle with your gums when you brush. At this point you want to switch to the “three-three” rule. Brush for three minutes, three times a day.


Step 2: Use mouthwash

Again, this seems straightforward enough but, you need to switch to ACT Fluoride Alcohol-free Anti-Cavity mouthwash. The alcohol in Listerine will irritate your gums, so it needs to be alcohol-free. Also I don’t care if fluoride lowers your IQ, your IQ was low enough when you decided to skip brushing your teeth. Antibacterial mouthwash that doesn’t contain a lot of alcohol, like the one recommended above, will be ideal for killing and getting rid of bacteria.


Step 3: Floss

If you can’t floss because of braces or whatever, swirl water and/or the mouthwash I recommended above, around in your mouth. Get the water and/or mouthwash in between your gums.



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